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About the 1900 building


"The three story building was constructed in 1924 and originally opened as the Melbourne Hotel. 

The building has housed several businesses through the years, including a bank, specialty stores and professional offices." Wikipedia

A brief history written 
in 1984

It’s the carefree, prosperous year of 1924 and the quaint Midway City of Melbourne boasts the grand opening of its three sorry, lavish Melbourne Hotel.


Stylishly dressed ladies and gents had developer Elton Hall to thank for enabling them to overlook the Indian River while sipping tea and sunbathing on the Melbourne Hotel’s garden roof top.














This landmark hotel has gone through many changes since those simpler times of 60 years past. The early changes occurred on the first floor and included a taxi dispatch station, the Manhattan Bar, Smitty’s Package store, a corner drug store, a florist and a barber shop. The Van Croix theatre was built adjacent to the property, but later was razed to make room for an expanded parking lot.


During the 1960’s, U.S. Route 1 was widened to make room for an increased traffic flow. This improvement brought an end to the store-front parking for all of the specialty shops on the first floor.


During the early 1970’s, Melbourne Bank and Trust/Flagship Bank bought the building. The bank, which is now First Florida Bank, renovated the first and second floors for professional offices and bank expansion.



"In May of 1984, Harry and Wendy Brandon bought this landmark building and renamed it the 1900 Building because of its address and its reflection of the historic era in which it was built."

A Photograph of the building in 1974 before becoming the Melbourne Bank.



In May of 1984, Harry and Wendy Brandon bought this landmark building and renamed it the 1900 Building because of its address and its reflection of the historic era in which it was built and completed interior and exterior improvements. This included renovating the entire third floor, which had not been used for decades. The Brandons also reinstalled windows throughout the structure. In the final phase, awnings were erected and the first and second floors were refurbished. A new parking lot was developed, doubling the parking and new landscaping was added as an integral part of the property.


On November 8, 1985 a grand opening was held in the building to celebrate the completion of the renovations and the opening of the Downtown Office Center. A time capsule filled with informative publications and trends of the era was buried in the West Courtyard — to be opened on November 8, 2045.


The new 1900 Building has had a rich and historic past and is well positioned to be part of our future growth. 


- A note written in 1984 that currently hangs on the wall of office #105

Back in 2004

For only the second time in 20 years the 1900 Building in Downtown Melbourne is under new ownership. It houses the Downtown Office Center and is landlord to a mix of small businesses. 

During the last two decades the building has been a starting point for hundreds of firms. The 1900 Building has provided these young companies with affordable rents, secretarial services, networking and other charactheristics


Article by Ken Datzman tha appeared in Brevard Business News, August 9th, 2004 

Fast Forward to 2016

Both the ownership and management of the 1900 Building was transferred to Melbourne Historical Building, LLC on August 18th, 2016.


We are thrilled about acquiring this iconic Melbourne Historical Building, and we are looking forward to continue making improvements to the building to better serve you and your customers.  


We are thankful to Dr. Ashok Shah “Doc” and Mr. Ashish Smart, and their families for allowing us to begin this new and exciting chapter of the 1900 Building.



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